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Some of Our Services

Foreclosure and Tax Default

Don't let the banks win. See how we could help you avoid foreclosure and save your credit.


Are bad tenants and costly repairs making you tired of the landlord business? Let's talk.

Hoarder House & Fire Damage

Allow us to save you the time and hassles of dealing with insurance companies when dealing with a burned house.


Forget dealing with squatters and vandals ruining your vacant house and let us cash you out quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. HRG Homebuyers has nothing to sell. We are only interested in BUYING your property and helping you move forward. If we determine that we are a fit to do business, then we will work diligently to create your offer, inspect the property and close on your timeline. There are no strings attached, no catches and no surprises.
Yes. HRG has adjusted their process to continue to work with sellers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Every step of the process can be done in a contactless manner. Communication during the transaction can be conducted via phone, email and video meetings from Skype or Zoom. Our proposals can also be signed digitally or mailed to you to print, sign and mail back to us. You will also have the choice of having your proceeds mailed or wired to your bank.

Our offer is based on the expected market value after it is renovated, minus our costs. Paying cash for your property speeds the buying process instead of waiting for financing. Keep in mind that the major benefits of working with us include:

– No agent commissions.

– You get paid FAST instead of waiting for months if you list it with an agent.

– We are buying the house “as is”, even with tenants to ensure a swift close.

– No need for financing since we are paying cash and cover all closing costs.

– We will work to your schedule and close when you’re ready to move.

– You’ll save thousands of dollars by not having to make repairs yourself.

No. The offer we make is to buy the house in “as is” condition. We will even buy it with tenants. We will be responsible for repairs and tenants once you receive your money.

We can work on some options to make the transaction as fair and feasible for all parties.

That is up to you. While we can complete a transaction within 14-21 days. If you need more time to relocate, you can choose the date to get everything in order..

Depending on the scenario of the transaction, HRG may repair and list with our in-house realtor, or hold on to the property as a rental.

Success Stories

Purchased property that was badly damaged - fire started in the garage and essentially the house needed to be completely rebuilt. The Seller’s mother passed away in the house, so we held a private showing the day before we had the open house so they could have some closure and pay their respects in a difficult time for their family. Our team worked with the city and inspectors to get all of the permits to rebuild the house, but keep the charm of the neighborhood. The eventual buyer of the house was a pastor in a church, and he was planning to host church band practice in the garage that was originally burned in the fire. Was a nice full circle moment.
Fire Damage: Grand Terrace, California
We worked hand in hand with a probate attorney based in San Bernardino. With tricky family trees, multiple people in line to get title to a house, or inherited properties - oftentimes the Seller needs to fork out upwards of $20,000 in legal probate fees just to get the property under their name. For a Seller in Riverside, we were able to help her and her daughter through the probate process - but most importantly our team paid all the legal fees upfront. It was a win-win because without our help they did not have the capital to fix the legal problem, and we were able to fix up a beat up house in the neighborhood. The property did not have electricity or running water, so our team paid those bills for almost a year to ensure the Seller had the basic needs while we dealt with the lawyers. The Seller and her daughter used the funds to relocate to a safer area and finally have the fresh start they were looking for. It was a rewarding process and we are currently in the final stages of rebuilding the property for the next family to move in.
Title Issue | Probate Story: Riverside, California
HRG has worked with multiple sellers in the City of Rialto. One recent success is a probate property that we purchased from an out-of-state owner. The seller inherited the property and there were tons of personal items left in the house.
Our team identified lightly used items and furniture and we donated those items to a local church. For the unwanted items the seller left behind, we gave her peace of mind that we would be taking care of all of it and disposing of the trash properly. When we say buying AS-IS, we mean it. It’s important for HRG to truly solve the real estate problem and make the transaction as swift as possible. In this case with an out-of-state seller, we were able to get all the documentation signed electronically and help with mobile notaries. She received a fair cash offer and most importantly felt comfortable selling us the house because of the attention to detail and care we have towards all of our projects. The neighbors were especially happy that a vacant, hoarder house was getting a total makeover and cleaning up the neighborhood.
Hoarder | Probate Story: Rialto, California
One of HRG's biggest successes involved a family in Colton who's burned property was a real eyesore in the neighborhood. The property was in probate so we were able to help the Seller with the legal process to properly transfer the title in the Seller's name. It was about 1/2 a mile from Colton High School and on a busy major street, so every day kids were walking by this house and being exposed to all the toxins the air from the debris. The bright side of the story is we fixed the problem and fully rebuilt the property.
The Seller was able to close that chapter of her life and move on with her net proceeds. The builder rebuilt the property and ultimately got the attention of local police and the Mayor of Colton for the great work done to the house and community. It's a full team effort transforming a property into a home and bringing in a new family to a safe environment. We were very happy with the result, and more importantly, making the neighborhood safe and building a beautiful home.
Fire | Probate Story: Colton, California
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Our Commitment

Homeowners Resource Group (HRG) is committed to solving homeowner problems. We are based in sunny downtown Riverside, California and are empathetic towards sellers working to find a resolution to a variety of real estate situations. HRG prides itself on helping sellers through difficult issues and giving them peace of mind working with a team to help them through the process of selling. No real estate problem is too tricky and no house is too distressed for us to purchase. It is more than a transaction, and we do things the right way.

Our Team

Charlie Ortiz

Founder & Senior Acquisitions Manager

Since 2012, Mr. Ortiz has used his extensive knowledge and experience working with contractors, builders, and developers to help people with real estate problems. Charlie’s passion and empathy for others led him to create Homeowners Resource Group / HRG Home Buyers in 2017.

Tommy Smith

Acquisitions & Finance Manager

Mr. Smith is a U.S. Navy veteran and holds a business finance degree from SDSU Fowler College of Business. His experience in calculating formulas has helped many of our clients solve very difficult issues with their properties.

Nick Castrellon

Acquisitions & Marketing Manager

Mr. Castrellon has worked in the field of design and marketing for over 20 years in the finance and real estate industries. He truly enjoys using his skillset to get the word out on the company’s goal to help our clients move on from a distressed property.

Drew Nagda

Chief Financier & Builder

Mr. Nagda has a true passion for construction and striving to find the best resolution for the needs of our clients. Drew and his team take great pride in bringing new life into the properties we purchase.

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