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HRG Homebuyers works with homeowners facing a wide variety of distress situations. The true goal we have in mind is finding a resolution that serves our clients’ needs fairly to get them from A to Z in a quick and efficient manner. Whatever the situation is, our team is knowledgeable and works with other professionals to help us create a win-win for everyone.
HRG Homebuyers can work with you with the following:

Foreclosure Assistance

If you are behind in payments or are facing a foreclosure sale date, we can go over several options on how to fix the situation to where you can keep your home. You do have rights during the foreclosure process and we will make sure to inform you of them. If you have exhausted your options, we can present an offer for the property. This is the fastest and easiest way to stop the foreclosure and save your credit so you can start fresh.

Tenant Problems

Being a landlord can be rewarding if done right, or it could be overwhelming and not worth the stress. Dealing with property repairs, late payments and evicting problem tenants can make owning a rental not worth the time and hassles. Even if you are a landlord not facing any issues, what if you just wish to liquidate? HRG Homebuyers can cash you out and purchase your rental with the tenants in place. We’ll take on the responsibility of repairs and working with the tenants.

Fire Damage

Dealing with the aftermath of a house fire is far more stressful than what it’s worth. If your insurance company can’t cover what is needed to fix up your house, what will you do next? If you list with a real estate agent you will be contacted mostly by investors anyway. Selling to a cash buyer will save you the hassles of fixing it up, save you the expense of listing it and all those other fees. We’ll give you the fairest price for your burned property and close quick so you can move forward from that bad experience.

Vacant Properties

Even in the nicest neighborhoods, vacant properties stand out for the wrong reasons. Aside from being visually unappealing, they are safety hazards, attract squatters, vandalism, crime, and bring down property values. In many cases, the owners of vacant properties are unaware of the liabilities if someone were injured on the property. Owning a vacant property can also be expensive since you still must pay for property taxes and insurance. It makes no sense to spend your money on a property that nobody is living in. HRG Homebuyers would like the opportunity to purchase your vacant property to transform it into a beautiful home for the next generation of buyers and to improve the look of the community. Even if you live out of state, we will handle everything to ensure a swift transaction.

Probate, Inheritance and Title Issues

There are times when ownership to a property could be tied up in probate, or a messy title situation or if the property is inherited as part of a will or trust. In many cases these properties will need costly repairs and upgrades before it can be put on the market or held as a rental. If you do not wish to deal with the legal hassles or are unable to secure financing for the repairs, we could work with you by referring you to a local paralegal or an attorney specializing in these matters. If you just need to move on quickly, HRG would like the opportunity to purchase the property.

Not only is the HRG Homebuyers Team knowledgeable in many areas of real estate, but we are partnered with local attorneys, paralegals, realtors and lenders. Also, depending on where your next destination is, we can also refer you to local movers, clean up crews, property managers and storage facilities once we come to an agreement to work together.   These are just a small handful of the situations we help our clients with. Whatever your situation is, we are at your disposal to know what you are facing so we can help you find the best solution.

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